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  Institutions > Arrangements in the Provinces and Territories
  By "institutions" we generally refer to structures and rules that make up the forest management system of a given jurisdiction -- also called "institutional arrangements". While people also often use "institutions" to mean "organizations", that is not the primary meaning intended here.
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  True Partners: Charting a New Deal for BC, First Nations, and the Forests We Share (B. Parfitt 2006)

Kaska Forest Resources Stewardship Council


"The Kaska Forest Resources Stewardship Council (KFRSC) is a group of people who will discuss and make recommendations for the future uses of the boreal forests of the South-East Yukon. The group is composed of members of the Kaska Nation, and members of the public, appointed by the government. These people all have a long history of life in the north, from Ross River to Watson Lake, and combine their experience and knowledge in this task. All values and aspects of forest use will be considered, both traditional and non-traditional, to develop a plan for the land that will try to ensure a working future for generations of Yukoners and Kaska to come." (from website)

British Columbia
  Reports of the Clayoquot Sound Scientific Panel (1994-1995)
  Although they were never adopted as formal policy or regulations, the recommendations of this Panel (Report #5) continue to be a key touchstone for the development of socially and ecologically responsible forestry in Clayoquot Sound. Report #3 is an in-depth study of First Nations' perspectives on forest practices, as well as an extensive inventory of traditional knowledge.
  The Legacy of Condition 77: Past Practices and Future Directions for Aboriginal Involvement in Forestry in Ontario. D. Fernandes. December 2006. Masters Project. University of Toronto Faculty of Forestry, Toronto.
  Aboriginal Involvement in Forestry in Ontario: Fact or Farce? D. Fernandes. December 4, 2006.
  Cree-Québec Forestry Board Draft Directives on the Protection and Development of Wildlife Habitats (2006)