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  Institutions > First Nations Land Management Act
  By "institutions" we generally refer to structures and rules that make up the forest management system of a given jurisdiction -- also called "institutional arrangements". While people also often use "institutions" to mean "organizations", that is not the primary meaning intended here.
  First Nations Land Management Agreement website

"Since 1999, with the passing of the First Nations Lands Management Act (FNLMA), the possibility has been available to participating First Nations to remove themselves from the Indian Act regime with respect to lands management – including the regulations governing timber harvesting on-reserve – giving them the authority to develop their own codes. Because in many cases FNLMA signatories have not yet developed land codes with forestry management components, the legal and regulatory ‘gaps’ around on-reserve forest management have now widened." (IOG 2005)

            This website provides information about First Nations operating under the FNLMA, including the texts of many of their Land Codes, news, annual reports, and other resources.