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  Institutions > Aboriginal Consultation Protocols
  By "institutions" we generally refer to structures and rules that make up the forest management system of a given jurisdiction -- also called "institutional arrangements". While people also often use "institutions" to mean "organizations", that is not the primary meaning intended here.
  Provincial Policy for Consultation with First Nations (Province of BC, October 2002)
  This Policy is prior to the Haida and Taku River Tlingit court decisions. Many changes relevant to consultation policy and practice have taken place in BC since that time.
  BC Ministry of Forests and Range's Aboriginal Rights and Title Policy and Consultation Guidelines (2003)
  First Nation Consultation and Accomodation: A Business Perspective (January 2007)
  The Government of Alberta's First Nations Consultation Policy on Land Management  and Resource Development (May 2005)
  The Government of Alberta's First Nations Consultation Guidelines on Land Management and Resource Development (September 2006)
  The Government of Saskatchewan Guidelines for Consultation with First Nations and Metis people: A Guide for Decision Makers (May 2006)
  Interim Guide for Consulting the Aboriginal Communities (Province of Québec, April 2006)
  Comments Regarding the Government of Québec's Interim Guide for Consulting First Nations (Algonquin Nation Secretariat, November 2006)
  Consultations Protocol for First Nations of Québec and Labrador (Assembly of First Nations of Québec and Labrador, October 2005)
  This is a big file, over 2 MB in size.