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Assessment of Market Development Needs of Aboriginal Forest Product Companies
Diversifying Aboriginal Forestry: Broad Directions (February 2010)
Aboriginal Human Resource Bioeconomy (January 2010)
Framework for Aboriginal Capacity-Building (January 2010)
Second Report on First Nation-Held Forest Tenures in Canada (2007) (Available in French/English)
Presentation to the Standing Senate Committee on Agriculture and Forestry
Aboriginal-Held Forest Tenures in Canada (2002-2003)
A Voice on the Land (2002)
First Nations Governance and Forest Management (March 2002)
Aboriginal-Forest Sector Partnerships: Lessons For Future Collaboration (2000)
Value-Added Forestry and Aboriginal Communities: The Perfect Fit (1997)
Aboriginal Forestry Education and Training Catalogue (1996-1997)
Aboriginal Forestry: Significant Developments and Events 1992-1995 (March 1996)
Aboriginal Forest-Based Ecological Knowledge in Canada (August 1996)
Assessment of the Need for Aboriginal Compliance with Sustainable Forest Management and Forest Product Certification Systems (March 1996)
Aboriginal Forest Land Management Guidelines: A Community Approach (1995)
An Aboriginal Criterion for Sustainable Forest Management (March 1995)
Aboriginal Participation in Forest Management: Not Just Another "Stakeholder" (December 1995)
An Assessment of the Potential for Aboriginal Business Development in the Ontario Forest Sector (July 1995)
Forest Lands and Resources for Aboriginal People: An Intervention Submission to the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples (1993)
Aboriginal Forestry Training & Employment Review (1993) Phase I Final Report