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Wednesday December 13, 2014

Introduction to FPIC in Law and Policy

Russell Diabo, Senior advisor, Wolf Lake First Nation

FPIC and Forestry in Context: Past, Present and Future

Sara Teitelbaum, Assistant Professor, University of Montreal

Aboriginal Title and Forest Management: The New Reality

Lennard Joe, Shackan Indian Band/Stuwix Resources Joint Venture

The Value of Forests in a Changing World: A User's Perspective

Karen Clarke-Whistler, Chief Environment Officer, TD Bank

Forest Acts in Review - The State of Forest Management Repatriation

Dr. Peggy Smith, Associate Professor, Lakehead University and Brad Young, Executive Director, NAFA

FPIC on the ground

Kevin Gillis, Certification Coordinator

Mistik Management Video

Obishikokaang Resources Lac Seul Forest

Chief Clifford Bull, Lac Seul First Nation

Thursday December 14, 2014

Introduction to FPIC in FSC Standards

Larry Joseph, Board Member, FSC International and Dr. Janette Bulkan, Policy and Standards Committee Member, FSC International

On Our Own Terms - Collaboration with Governments and the Market

Colin Richardson, Solutions Table Manager, Taan Forest - Haida Nation

Coming to Agreement - Case Studies of Collaboration

Geneviève Labrecque, Forest Manager, Tembec

From Engagement to FPIC - Consent and Certification

FSC Technical Working Group

Balance: The Whitefeather Forest and Forest Certification.

Pikangikum First Nation - Band Council Resolution.

Chief Paddy Peters, Whitefeather Forest Community Resource Mgmt Authority

The Constance Lake FN Forestry Story

Roger Wesley, Constance Lake First Nation